Can Ab Rocket Twister Help You Develop 6 Pack Abs?

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Ab Rocket Twister makes some pretty bold claims. This is not out of the ordinary for fitness equipment, after all, they want to sell their product and if they don’t grab your attention, you won’t give their product a second look. So the question is, “Can Ab Rocket Twister Help You Develop 6 Pack Abs?” This is what we will be investigating today.

Everyone wants a 6 pack! Men, women and teenagers all flock to the nearest product that offers them amazing 6 pack abs without having to work hard to get them. When that fails, they flock toward the nearest item that promises that it will be easier to obtain 6 pack abs if you use their product.

The Price of Ab Rocket Twister

Ab Rocket Twister isn’t bad, especially when you consider the average cost of exercise equipment. The first payment is $15, and this will allow you to try it for 30 days in your own home. If you keep it, or forget that you ordered it 29 days ago, you will be billed $50 per month for three consecutive months. If you do manage to remember exactly what date you ordered it on, you can cancel and get a refund of your $15.

Alternatively, you can order from Amazon through this link.

Does it Work?

Well, the answer to this depends on whether you use it. Most people order exercise equipment and claim they will use it. Then it sits in a corner collecting dust or clothes for the next six months.

Overall, the Ab Rocket Twister does not provide a cardio workout or any fat burning potential. The product does not provide enough resistance to give a complete ab workout like you would get from a variety of ab workout activities, but it is a nice way to do sit ups while getting a back massage.

Overall, we see where the Ab Rocket Twister could be beneficial to your ab workout if you feel the need to get your back and bottom off the floor while doing your sit-up related activities.

The handles on the machine are nice for those who still need help in building their core stability. They also give a great grip for stretching.

Great for People with a Back Injury

The Ab Rocket Twister is a great way for people with preexisting back injuries to get back into the exercise scene. It gets you up and off of the floor, which is where most people reinjure themselves. It also provides the ability to workout according to your body’s ability. You can choose how far you push back, on the Ab Rocket, which gives you the power to choose how intense your exercise routine is, and prevent pushing yourself too far and risking injury.

Not the Only Answer

Even though the Ab Rocket Twister does show some promise, it will not provide everything you need to reach your maximum potential. You must still eat right and preform cardio on a regular basis.


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