Diets that Help Burn Fat

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Diets that Help Burn FatYou have probably been working out for quite a while. Now, you are in search of a diet that will help you burn that annoying belly fat faster so that you can see the 6 pack growing underneath. You are not alone, everyone is looking for a way to get rid of belly fat and your diet may be what is preventing all of your hard work from showing through.

An ideal diet for someone who works out is high protein, high omega-3, low omega-6 and a healthy balance of simple and complex carbohydrates. In order to achieve the right diet, you must take a look at what you are eating now that could be the problem.

There is no specific diet that is meant to burn fat in all people. Unfortunately, every person is made different, as is their ability to store and burn fat. Because of this, there is no reason to fall into the trap of fad diets or try to weigh your food every time you sit down to eat. The true answer lies in your meal choices and your snack choices.

What Do You Choose As Snack Food?
If you are not choosing high protein snacks, or you are choosing high calorie snacks, this could be preventing you from burning that belly fat that is bugging you so much. It is difficult to avoid temptation, but think about it like this – underneath that bag of chips is your beautiful 6 pack shining through. You can see it, but no one else can.

High Protein Snacks
High protein snacks, like jerky and meat are a great choice. There are also a wide variety of high protein shakes on the market that provide the satisfaction of a snack, but are packed with vitamins, nutrients and protein that are necessary to build healthy muscle and burn fat.

Negative Calorie Snacks
What are negative calorie snacks? Why haven’t you heard of them? Well, you have heard of them and they are found in the produce section of your local supermarket. Negative calorie snacks are ones that contain so few calories that chewing and digesting them burns more calories than they actually contain.

Negative calorie snacks are products like organic carrots, celery, bell peppers, and many other vegetables that do not contain starch. These foods can be snacked on all day without fear of gaining an ounce.

If you are someone who likes to snack when they are bored, or you will just be away from home during the time of day that you crave a snack, keep negative calorie snacks with you while you are out and about.

High Omega 3 Diets
A well rounded diet is high in omega 3. This is an essential fatty acid, which means that the body cannot create it on its own and must absorb it through food sources. Diets that are high in omega 3 help you to burn fat faster than the average diet.

Adding broiled, grilled or poached fish to your dinner menu three times per week will ensure that you get enough of this amazing fatty acid and will eliminate some of the foods you eat that aren’t diet friendly.

Omitting Red Meat
Red meat is a treat, but it can also be diet and workout sabotage. Make sure to limit the amount of red meat you eat to once per week, and make sure that it is a small serving. This will ensure that you are not ruining your hard work by filling yourself full of the same fat you are trying to burn off.

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