Every Exercise Works Your Core

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Every Exercise Works Your Core
When you think about building abs, you probably think of an extremely tough guy, doing hundreds of sit-ups on a daily basis. The truth is, while sit-ups are important, every exercise you perform works your core. There is more to building rock hard abdominal muscles than sit-ups, and working out daily can be extremely bad for your health. This is because your stomach and your back are the main support system for your body, which means that every exercise you do works your core and puts strain on your abs.

You’ll notice as you lift weights with your arms and legs, your abdominal muscles tighten and release with every repetition. You may also notice the muscles in your back tighten as well. This is why it is so important to pay attention to what muscle groups you’re working with each exercise.

Selecting Exercises Wisely

It is recommended to alternate between exercises to ensure that you allow your muscles to rest. The mistake that some people make is to overwork their abs because they ignore what their body is telling them.
While trying to build abs, it is true that you will need to give them an adequate break between extensive workouts. However, few people know that this actually means taking a break from lifting weights completely.
The day after you complete an extensive abdominal workout, you should avoid lifting weights with your arms or legs because this puts additional strain on your healing abs. The only exercise that you should complete is a cardio workout so that you can burn fat that is overlaying muscle.

Avoid Working out Everyday

Your body needs a break, especially if the main area you are targeting is your abdominals. You should take days off regularly to ensure that you are not overworking your body, or placing too much strain on various muscle groups.
It is recommended to work out three to four times per week and rest for the remaining days. The days that you are taking a break from exercise, keep yourself hydrated and avoid lifting heavy items so that you can allow your body to repair the muscles you have broken down.

Listen To Your Body

If your body feels overworked, especially your core, you will notice. After a workout, you should feel sore, but you should never feel serious pain that affects your daily life. If you feel as though you have overworked yourself, take an extra day off to ensure that your muscles have time to properly heal between workouts. Since your core takes a hit at every workout, make sure to pay close attention to what the muscles are telling you.
Working out is a lot of fun, and seeing the results is even better. However, allowing your muscles to break down too far, or pushing your body too hard without a break can cause serious damage to your muscles, and set your goal of having six pack abs behind months, or even years because of injury.

If you feel that you may have pushed your exercise too far, or you have pushed yourself to the point where you feel pain instead of soreness, make an appointment with your doctor before your next workout to ensure that you have not caused serious damage.

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