Green Tea to Help Burn Belly Fat! Tea to Help Burn Belly Fat!

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Green Tea to help burn belly fat

Green tea is arguably the best beverage and supplement in the world when it comes to maintaining good health and losing the fat layers in your body. Green tea has been used as a diet and medicine for ages and there are some really good scientific reasons for such a popularity of its use as a supplement or drink. This article will explain how green tea can help to burn the belly fat in your body and help you achieve 6-pack abs.

How Does It Burn Fat?

The science behind the working principle of green tea lies in its chemical constituents. Green tea has many important compounds, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) being one of those. It is an important antioxidant which is known to suppress the growth of fats in human body.

Taking in green tea means that you’re automatically suppressing the growth of fat cells in your body. In addition to this, green tea also has caffeine which also plays its role in burning fats. And the interesting fact is that it does not feed your body with high doses of caffeine. Unlike a cup of coffee which injects about 200 mg of caffeine in your body, a cup of green tea only supplies 40 mg of this ingredient which is a safe limit.

It is important to know that the complex fat layers in your belly (present in the adipose tissues of body) can only be removed if the complex layers is first broken down into fat cells. The EGCG content in green tea increases the amount of Norepinephrine hormone in your body which is actually responsible for breaking down complex fats into smaller fat cells and help you achieve 6-pack abs.

Moreover, green tea has also been reported to lessen the stress and anxiety levels in your body. The conditions of sleeplessness, stress and anxiety also speed up the fat accumulation in your body. Therefore, reduced stress levels help you avoid fat accumulation and burn belly fat.

Green Tea as a Supplement

Green tea is powerful in drink form, but it is more potent in supplement form. This is why so many body builders take green tea supplements to help shred fat and develop more defined muscle, especially around the abdominal area.

Green tea also provides energy for your workout as well as the added benefit assisting your cardio in burning astronomical amounts of fat during your exercise.

Green tea is more potent in capsule form because it provides a more direct method of receiving the supplement. Your body does not have to work hard to extract it from the components that it is combined with.

Ensure that when you are choosing that it is high quality and certified by an independent laboratory. This provides the promise that the ingredients are high quality and that they are safe to use on a regular basis.

Green Tea Supplementation

Green tea is a great supplement that can be used on a regular basis. Make sure that the green tea is safe to use and is provided in an easy to digest way.

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