Supplement Your Ab Workout with Yoga to Obtain Maximum Results Your Ab Workout with Yoga to Obtain Maximum Results

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Supplementing your ab workout with yoga

If you are looking for a great way to flatten your abs and show the ultimate definition in your 6-pack, yoga may be what you need to take you over the edge. Yoga stretches your muscles and builds your core strength, stability and flexibility. It also helps to provide your muscles with larger amounts of oxygen rich blood, which is necessary to help rebuild muscle. This makes yoga the perfect exercise for the day after working your abs.

At some point, you have read about the amazing healing abilities that yoga possesses. You may have doubted that any exercise could provide the degree of healing that naturalist’s claim lie behind the basic principle of yoga, but there is more to yoga than meets the eye.

What Gives Yoga Its Healing Ability

So what gives yoga the magical healing ability that everyone talks about? It is that yoga stretches your muscles to their maximum and relies completely on your core strength for balance and stability.

Yoga also give you the ability to focus on your muscles. It can help you locate specific muscles just by performing a single stretch. This means that you will be able to heal your abdominal muscles, while learning exactly where each muscle is.

How Does Knowing Where Your Muscles Are Work?

When you are working out, the best way to ensure that your workout is in fact working out, is to pay attention to your body and the muscles you are working. If you do not know exactly where these muscles are, how do you know if you are working them to the best of their potential?

Yoga Helps Firm Muscles

Yoga helps to flatten and firm muscles. This may not seem like a lot in comparison to doing sit-ups with 20 pounds sitting on your chest, but it certainly goes a long way in burning fat.

Yoga provides other benefits too, including:

  • Yoga also has the potential to raise your heart rate, which provides cardio and fat burning.
  • It works the muscles completely. Yoga is a low impact exercise that doesn’t place as much stress on your joints.
  • Yoga increases your cognitive function, coordination and balance.
  • Yoga provides greater flexibility, reduced tension and reduced stress.

But Yoga isn’t Masculine…

Yeah, I hear you over there whining that yoga isn’t masculine. After all, you are trying to build a set of masculine 6 pack abs, right? You couldn’t be more wrong!

What if I told you that some of the biggest, most ripped wrestlers do yoga? Many of these men that are known around the world and claim that yoga is the key to their flexibility, strength and overall muscle mass. This is how they can stay in the business so long. Wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Ryback have announced that without yoga, they would have been retired years ago. DDP is at his prime thanks to yoga, and at 57 years old, he can out wrestle most 20 to 30 year olds.

Now what is your excuse? Some of the most masculine men in the world are more ripped than you, because they do yoga!

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