Tips for Washboard Abs – Pallof Press With Rotation

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Palloff Press
The Pallof press with rotation provides a work out to multiple muscle groups. The main target for this exercise is your abs. However, the secondary muscles that are targeted are the muscles of the chest and the muscles of the shoulders.

The Pallof press is a strength exercise and should not be depended on for improvement of flexibility. This exercise can be accomplished by almost anyone and can be completed even at the beginner level. It requires a machine or a stationary exercise band in order to achieve any benefit.

The benefits of the Pallof press are increased strength in the abdominal muscles, the chest and the shoulders. You will also work out your back muscles if properly performed.
Over time, you will notice a serious change in your muscle definition, including your oblique’s, which are difficult to target.

How To Warm-up
Warming up for the Pallof press involves stretching the muscles of your stomach, your sides, your chest, your back your arms and your shoulders.
This should never be a starter exercise. It should be incorporated in the middle of your exercise when your joints are completely warmed up and limber. This is because your shoulder joint is extremely complex and contains a lot of anatomy. This makes it extremely vulnerable to minor and major injury.

The Proper Form

There are four steps to performing this exercise. Follow each of the steps carefully and make sure to use the proper posture.
1. Start your exercise by connecting a cable to a tall pulley machine that is at shoulder height. Stand to the side of the machine and grab the cable with both hands.
2. Slowly pull the cable to the side and toward your chest and squeeze your pecks and abs. Hold the position for a one count and then push the cable out in front of your chest.
3. While squeezing your abs in and toward your lower back, twist through your hips in the opposite direction of the machine to ensure that you get a full rotation, feel the stretch in your abdominal.
4. Return yourself back to the starting position. Repeat as many reps as you would like to complete your exercise.

How To Cool Down
This exercise should be placed in the middle of your exercise routine so there should be no need to cool down. You should however stretch after every exercise to ensure that your muscles are loose and pliable for the next exercise or the next set.

Understanding how your muscles respond under strain will help you to determine how many repetitions you will be able to do of this exercise to maintain a comfortable number of repetitions without overdoing the exercise and injuring yourself.

If you are performing this exercise at the end of your regimen, make sure to stretch out your entire body. You should then jog for at least 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how long your exercise routine was and how strenuous it was.

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