Top 5 Indoor Pull Up Bar Abdominal Exercises

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It’s no secret how amazing pull up bar exercises are. Aside from giving your upper body an intense workout, this type of exercise can also give you the kind of definition you want to have in your abdominal section.

If you’re looking for ways to get that solid six packs abs, here are the 5 best indoor abdominal exercises you can do with your multi-functional door gym pull up and chinning station.

1. Basic pull ups

Basic pull ups aren’t anything close to being easy, particularly if you’re just starting out with pull up bars. Despite being hard, this exercise is actually a great way to target the large muscle areas in your back, core and arms.

To do the basic pull up, you need to start from a dead hang position with your palms directed away from you. Tighten your chest and core as you pull the bar and lift yourself up.

Once you are able to master the basic pull ups, you can do several variations of it. One good example is the jumping pull ups.

2. Knees to elbows

The knees to elbows exercise is one of those few pull up bar exercises that can literally make you feel the burn in your abdominal area in just a few repetitions. For this one, you have to start in a dead hang position with your arms at shoulders’ width apart. Carefully swing your legs and lift your knees until they touch your elbows. Once you are able to make the contact, gently lower yourself back to the initial position.

3. Hanging leg raises

The hanging leg raise is another good exercise to target your core. Since you’ll need to tighten your abs as you pull your shoulders and arms from the bar, you’ll be able to burn more fats in the area. Just make sure that you keep your legs as straight as possible when doing this move. They should be horizontal and parallel to the floor to get the most out of the exercise. Hold the position for as long as you can before lowering yourself back down gently.

4. Leg-hip raises

If you are looking for a more intense pull up bar exercise than the hanging leg raise, then the leg-hip raise is your next best option. To start with this exercise, you need to start with the basic dead hang position. Carefully lift your knees towards your chin while giving your abdominal muscle a tight and forceful squeeze. You can make this move more intense by adding resistance through the use of ankle weights and by keeping your legs straight before lifting.

5. Windshield wipers

Grab your pull up bar and lift your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. Make sure that your torso hangs parallel to the ground and that you are creating an L-shape using your body for this exercise. This position will help keep your body closer to the bar.

As you bend your elbows, contract your upper back to make it easier for you to lift your legs and rotate them from side to side. As you rotate, you need to keep your knees bent to add more pressure to your abdominal area. The more you squeeze in your mid-section, the better the benefits you’ll get.

An easier modification of this exercise is to crunch your hips to your ribs as you move them side to side mimicking a windshield wiper. Once you are able to do multiple sets of this move, you shouldn’t have any problems doing the full windshield wiper exercise with your pull up bar.

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Mike is fitness enthusiast who spends most of his time coaching people and helping them stay on track with their health transformation. Aside from being a personal fitness trainer, he also writes about fitness tips and tricks, such as how to effectively use pull up bars.

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  • Pink Diamond

    Gotta buy a pull up bar asap! 🙂 I’m interested to learn that Windshield wipers workout – isn’t it hard for first timers?

    • usiddiqi

      Yes that would be a good investment. You can buy one from amazon linked at the end of this post. Also below is a video of windshield wipers workout. It takes a bit of a practice but it’s an excellent exercise for abs.