Understanding Your Body Type

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Understanding your body type

You might wonder but not everybody is created equal. Initially, before planning a regimen or a fitness program for your body, it is very important to know the kind of body that you have because knowing this is very necessary and it is going to help you a lot in the long run by letting you understand your body and its needs. One should know how his or her body functions in order to be able to master it. We need to adapt to the body type that we have because every type has its own way of functioning and requirements. A certain methodology working successfully on one kind of body will not necessarily work on another body because of these differences.

The Classification

There are three main body types that occur naturally. The type of body you have greatly impacts your workout and how hard you will have to work in order to achieve your ideal body shape and muscle density.

The different body types are as follows:

  1. Endomorph: This person looks or seems to be fatter than he/she actually is due to the stature. They will indeed look heavier even when they are fit and in shape because of the body type that they have. Characterized by a thick rib cage, blocky stature, wide, thicker joints, shorter limbs and hips are wide.
  2. Mesomorph: These are the fortunate ones who have a muscular and well developed structure. They look well-proportioned usually even when they carry a little of extra added weight. Characterized by narrow waist, thinner joints and long and round muscle bellies.
  3. Ectomorph:  They are distinguished usually by a lack of muscle tissue. They also seem to be low on fat because their body type is this way. Characterized by a thin build with long limbs, small joints and narrow hips.

Once you have figured out your body type, then you exactly come to know and realize what and how you have to do to keep your body in shape. You will be able to talk to and understand your body by doing this. Half the battle is already won by doing so.

Does Your Classification Affect Your Goals

The biggest question is whether or not the body classification you have affects your standing in developing your overall goals? The answer is that it only affects the duration of time you will have to work in order to achieve your goals.

Understanding your body type can help you to zero in on the right diet and the amount of effort you must exert in order to achieve the body type you want. It also lets you center in on how long you can expect your exercise routine to take before you achieve results.

While your body type is not a determining factor in how amazing your 6 pack abs will be, it does provide you information about what progress to expect from the effort you are putting forth. Let it serve as a guideline in your workout regimen.

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