What Supplements Really Work To Build Muscle?

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What Supplements Really Work To Build Muscle
With all of the supplements available on the market today, it is difficult to determine which ones can be trusted and which ones can be dangerous to your health. After all, you are working out to improve your health and supplement companies are putting out cut rate products that can harm you and some that can even kill you. So what supplements can you trust when it comes to building your 6 pack ab dream?

Only Buy Natural Supplements
When searching for supplements, you should only purchase natural supplements. These supplements should not contain fillers, chemicals or byproducts of anything.

Only Purchase Certified Supplements
Any company can produce a supplement if they have the resources. Consumers are under the assumption that the FDA and FTC closely regulate supplements like they do medication. Unfortunately, supplements are not regulated in the same manner that prescription medications are, especially if they are sold over the counter.

The FDA and the FTC do not verify claims made by supplement manufacturers unless there is reason to believe that the products are unsafe for human consumption in a wide spread manner.

Many products have been left on the market for years after consumers began suffering dangerous side effects from them, before they are pulled from the shelves. Some, even though they have been proven hazardous, still remain on the market because consumers continue to purchase them.

Purchase Products that Have Certified Claims
Companies can opt to have an outside laboratory test their products, test their claims and verify their research. Not all companies do, but those that are proud of their products have them certified in this way.

Purchase Required Elements
Elements that are naturally found in the human body and found in your diet make great supplements. Especially protein, omegas, vitamins and minerals that are important to sustaining a healthy balance. While exercise is good for you, it does deplete some of the natural elements that you work hard to balance in your diet.

Purchase in Capsule Form
There are many options available to consumers when it comes to vitamin supplements. They can be purchased in tablet, caplets, capsule, soft gels, chewable, powders, and liquids, but which is best?

The truth is, capsules have proven to maintain longer on the shelf without the contents deteriorating before the expiration date.

• Tablets begin deteriorating shortly after the ingredients have been mashed into the shape the manufacturer desired.

• Caplets typically do not contain enough of the active ingredients to help you achieve desired affects.

• Soft gel are typically destroyed by stomach acid long before the body can make use of the contents.

• Chewables suffer the same fate as soft gels.

• Powders and liquids are typically pushed through into the intestines without being given a second look by the digestive system.

The Best Method of Obtaining Nutrients Needed to Build Muscle
The best method of obtaining the nutrients that your body needs to create muscle is to include them in your diet. Creating a meal plan that works around your exercise routine allows you to increase and decrease proteins, fats and carbohydrates to allow your body to perform at its best when you need it to burn fat and make muscle.

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