Why is it So Hard to Develop 6 – Pack Abs?

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Why it is so hard to develop 6 pack abs

Without an ounce of doubt, solid 6-pack abs is a thing you wouldn’t mind paying a million dollars for. Millions around the world long for these “manly” muscles but only a few hundred achieve their goal. But why is it so hard to develop 6-pack abs? This article reviews those common obstacles which make it nearly impossible for you to chase your dream of having rock solid abs.

Lack of Proper Strategy

The first thing one needs to know is that the road to 6 pack Abs isn’t smooth and easy. It requires proper knowledge of the required exercises and needs a well-defined strategy. Most of the guys would keep on doing those hard sit ups for long hours every day and would find almost no significant results at the end of the month. It is important to know that sit ups are just meant to tone up your muscles. But in order to develop 6 pack Abs, you would need a combination of sit ups, cardio work out, weight lifting, crunches, ball roll out and interval trainings.

Lack of Consistency

Almost 8 out of 10 guys desperately looking for these Abs would work very hard for the first 10 days of their planned exercise routine. The following week, they’d be distracted and would give breaks to their workout routine. After a month, they’d once again pick up the pace for a week or so and would slow down again. This pattern not only disturbs your body but also dents you mentally. Smaller but consistent efforts are more result oriented then bigger but inconsistent workouts. Don’t let yourself be inconsistent and you’re sure to win this race.

Dehydrated Body!

Don’t you think that the element that constitutes 80% of human body worth some attention? Of course, water is the key element in maintaining the chemical balance in your body. Most of the guys would work hard in the gym and would let their bodies dehydrate. This can even backfire for you and lead to many metabolic complications. Take at least 2 liters of water every day.

Poor Diet

One of the most common reasons men have a problem developing the perfect set of 6-pack abs is their diet. Not getting enough protein and healthy carbs can set your workout back months, if not years. This means that you are putting forth all of this effort for nothing.

Balancing your diet with the proper amount of protein to rebuild your muscle, carbohydrates to provide energy to your muscle, and healthy fat to break down the saturated fat build up in your mid-section.

Balancing Your Lifestyle

Balancing your lifestyle with the proper strategy, consistency, hydration and diet can increase your chances of developing 6 pack abs astronomically. Developing a 6-pack is not as simple as one may think. It does involve persistence, understanding of your body and the willingness to go the extra mile to learn how your body is unique in its needs to reach your goals.

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