You are What You Eat – Belly Fat Burning Diet

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You are what you eat

There are many different things about your diet that can pose a problem when it comes to burning belly fat and developing the perfect set of 6 pack abs. Sometimes, there are things hidden inside your diet, that you may not notice, that can cause serious problems when it comes to developing the perfect set of abs.

Starting Your Diet from Scratch

When you are setting up to burn serious fat and develop well-defined muscles in any part of your body, it is time to dump your current diet completely and revamp everything about it, even if you think your diet is okay.

Your new diet needs to be rich in low fat proteins, high in healthy whole grain carbohydrates, and moderate in healthy fats. The average American diet is not balanced correctly and this is why we see so many people who are out of shape, flabby and fighting to develop muscle that just never comes.

Deciding on Proteins

When you are deciding on proteins, this can be a difficult decision. For the most part, your diet should consist of skinless chicken and fish. You should limit red meat to your reward days, and even then, your portion size should be small.

When trying to develop 6-pack abs, red meat can be your worst enemy. This is because it consists of a high amount of saturated fat, the exact fat that caused that spare tire you are fighting against. Meats like fish and chicken contain easier to digest fats that do not easily deposit in the body and fish contains a fatty acid – omega 3 – that triggers your body to begin burning the fat you have stored around your midsection.

Deciding on Fruits and Vegetables

The vegetables you choose should be low in starch. While you do need a healthy amount of carbohydrates, starchy vegetables are not the way to get them. Most of your fruits and vegetables should come from the negative calorie foods list. This is because they are high in vitamins and low in sugars that affect the way your body burns fat.

Choosing Carbohydrates

When choosing your carbohydrates, it is important that you choose whole grain options. This is because they are easier to digest and they turn directly into fuel, instead of unusable byproducts.

You should also ensure that you take in an adequate amount of fiber to make the digestive and elimination process easier.

Balancing Your Diet

It is important that you balance the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates that you take in each day. The adult body needs to get between 45 to 65% of their daily caloric intake from carbohydrates. They need to get 20 to 35% of their carbohydrates from fat and 10 to 35% of their daily caloric intake from protein. The exact ration will depend on your body type, the extent of exercise you performed that day and the amount of energy you will need on your hardest day of exercise for the week. Essentially, each day should be developed around your exercise plan for that day.


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