You may already have 6 pack abs – Burning that belly fat standing in your way

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You May Already Have a 6 Pack

Right now, you are putting all of your energy into sculpting those abs but most likely without any results. There are all kinds of workouts and diets that seem to fail in helping you develop the muscle structure that you are aiming for. This problem is not so simple as it is not always what is seems. So how are you supposed to get the 6-pack abs that you are searching for?

There are instances when people actually develop the ab muscles beneath their belly fat and these muscles remain hidden inside of belly fat. The person who has been working so hard to develop the muscle structure is completely unaware of their presence. The workouts are working and they are building muscles but the problem is that the layer of fat above them is hiding them deep inside.

Building 6 pack abs is not only about developing those abs but also about getting rid of that belly fat which is a hindrance to it. A proper selection of exercises can resolve this situation in no time.

Your Exercise Regimen

Working on your abs while standing on your feet actually offers many additional benefits as follows:

  1. You can work on more than one muscle at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone and will help a lot in the long run.
  1. Improve your postural support.
  1. Burn more calories, more than the most conventional and traditional exercises done on the floor.
  1. You don’t need any equipment or a large floor area to perform these exercises for the abs. Do them at your home, at the gym or anywhere that you find comfortable.
  1. The exercises strengthen your core as a whole instead of simply strengthening one set of muscles at a time.

How and What to Execute?

One should add cardio workouts to their weekly routine. You should perform around 100 to 250 minutes of medium intensity cardio each week. You should include activities like dancing, running, rowing, biking, swimming or any extracurricular activity that gets your body into working and your heart pumping.

Staying as much active as possible is the key to bringing out the hidden abs hidden under your belly fat. The cardio exercises you perform should be very regular and sync with every day routine in order to get best results.

Only performing workouts will not suffice in this situation. You also need to put control on your calorie intake. One should reduce the caloric intake by about 500 calories each day. By increasing 3,500 calories each week, you will add on or two pounds in a week. This may seem to defeat the purpose, but with regular exercise and regular cardio, these two pounds per week will be muscle. This calculation does not take into account the amount of fat that you are burning in your effort.

Consuming vegetables, fruits and lean meats is highly recommended. You should avoid high sugar content drinks, sweets, fried foods and desserts as much as you can.

Other workouts that will help in the long run are

  1. Do the standing bicycle. Should be repeated 20 times every day.
  2. Complete the plank. Reps of this should be done by holding for 30 seconds.
  3. Perform the stability ball knee tucks. This should be repeated 10 times in every cycle.

Sticking to this regimen and proper diet will burn your fat at a very accelerated pace and your awesome abs will slowly shine through.


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