Your Belly Fat Could Be Killing You

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Your Belly Fat Could Be Killing YouIf you have built up fat around your midsection that you feel is unsightly, just imagine what is going on inside your body. Studies have shown that people who carry excess weight in the stomach region and the sides have an increased amount of fat around their heart, which can decrease the amount of blood that it can pump to your organs and muscles.

If you are trying to develop 6 pack abs, this fat is also standing in the way of the muscle you are building and the people that you want to see it. But this horrible body fat is not just unsightly, it could also be killing you slowly, and you don’t even know it.

Risks Associated With Your Spare Tire

To you, that spare tire is simply an annoying thing that you cannot get rid of. To your body, it is so much more. Your spare tire puts you at risk for developing a wide range of diseases and disorders in the future if you don’t act now to start burning that tough to beat belly fat.

Research shows that an increased waste line puts you at risk for:
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Heart Attack
• High Blood Pressure
• …and stroke, just to name a few.

This fat does not just sit at your mid-line preventing you from wearing your favorite pants, it releases hormones that cause inflammation anywhere in your body at its will. It can also block your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals that are helpful in keeping you healthy.

Men’s Health Risks:
For men, excess belly weight has proven to be an all-cause mortality rate. It can cause a wide range of health problems that lead to death.

In men over 60, studies have shown that excess belly fat can lead to erectile dysfunction or permanent damage to the prostate which prevents erection.

Men are twice as likely to die from diseases that are caused by excess body fat than women, so while everyone should make an effort to lose weight, men have more to lose than women when it comes to this excess body fat.

Women’s Health Risks:
After menopause tend to accumulate fat around the mid-line. Some women collect this fat before menopause hits. This excess fat leaves them at higher risk for developing heart disease, gallstones, and multiple types of cancer.

The cancers that women are most likely to develop due to excess weight around the belly are:

…and pancreas

Women who carry excess weight around the belly also find it more difficult to become pregnant. The more weight they carry around the abdomen, the harder it becomes to get pregnant.

Burning the Fat

Burning the fat around the belly can be extremely difficult even if you are working toward developing 6 pack abs. While developing muscle can help increase the rate that fat burns, it is not enough to break down the fat that builds up around your waist.

The best way to burn belly fat is to choose a low impact cardio workout to supplement your muscle building efforts.

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