Tips for Washboard Abs – Gorilla Chin Crunch

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gorilla chin upsIt is no secret that you want washboard abs. You want a 6 pack and you want it now! Just because your main focus is your abs, does not mean that you want to have flabby arms. The gorilla chin crunch is an exercise that works your abs, your lats and biceps together.

The biggest problem that people find with the gorilla chin crunch is that if they do not have any upper body strength, they will find gorilla chin crunches a little difficult.

In order to do a gorilla chin crunch, you must have a chin-up bar. Any type of chin-up bar will work even if you have to go to your local playground and borrow the kiddie bar.

The gorilla chin-up will work your abs, your chest and your arms. This is a great way to target multiple muscle groups at the same time without having to use expensive equipment or hiring a professional to teach you an expensive exercise routine.

How to Warm-up
In order to warm up properly for gorilla chin-ups you must stretch out your abs, chest, arms and sides. You may want to do a few push-ups to prepare the ligaments in your shoulders to do this exercise.

Jogging is a helpful exercise to get your blood pumping and ready to carry out this exercise without injury or hesitation.

The Proper Form
In order to benefit from the gorilla chin crunch, you must use the proper form. There are several steps to this exercise and each should be followed with ample forethought and concentration.

Start by hanging from the chin-up bar. This exercise should be completed using an underhand grip, or palms facing you. Grip the bar a little wider than shoulder width.

Bend your knees in a 90 degree angle so that your calves are parallel to the floor while your thighs remain perpendicular to the floor.

Breathe out as you pull yourself up and crunch your knees toward your chest at the same time. Your knees should come up to chest level. At the same time, bring your nose to the same level as the bar.

When you reach this point, you are finished with the crunch. Breathe in slowly as you return to the starting position.

Repeat this crunch at least 10 times. This is one repetition.

To make the exercise more difficult, hold a dumbbell between your feet.

Another advanced method is to do one arm gorilla chin crunches. To do these, grasp your wrist with the free hand while competing this exercise. Make sure to do the same number of repetitions with each side. This method works the oblique muscles as well.

How to Cool Down
To properly cool down from this exercise, you should ensure that you walk or jog for at least 10 minutes in order to release the lactic acid from your muscles. You should also stretch all muscle groups involved to prevent muscle cramping later.

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